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WhatsApp Business

If you’ve not read the COMPLETE WHATSAPP MARKETING GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS yet, I would suggest you go over to that page to devour it. You would get more insight into what I’m about to share with you here. So, WhatsApp finally decided to open a window of opportunity for marketers and brands. Hence creating a tool for businesses to engage their audience as a brand. This became an avenue to drive traffic using WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business is available for both Android and IOS users, plus an extension to use it on the web (WhatsApp web). It was built with every business owner in mind, and for any business to start using WhatsApp officially, WhatsApp business should be the standard.

Businesses can engage their customers effectively by using business tools to automate, sort, and swiftly respond to messages.

Advantages of WhatsApp business


  1. Business Profiles: you can create a business profile with helpful information for your customers. Information like your logo, brand name, address, business description, business category, schedule, email address, and website.
  2. Quick Replies: you can save and re-use the message you frequently need to send. This feature allows you to easily answer your most asked questions in no time.
  3. Away Messages: you can set automated messages to automatically reply when you are away.
  4. Greeting messages: with automated messages, you can create a welcome message to introduce potential customers to your business.
  5. Message Statistics: Get insights into essential metrics such as how many of your messages were successfully sent, delivered, and read.
  6. Labels: Organize your contacts or chats with labels so you can easily find them again.
  7. Catalog: Add samples of your products to your catalog. This will give your audience a sneak peek of what you have to offer or the items that are available.
  8. Short link: With WhatsApp business, you are provided with a link. The link makes it possible for people to come straight to your dm from websites or other social media pages once shared. Unlike personal WhatsApp where you have to share your phone number before you can be reached.
  9. Adding WhatsApp to your Facebook and Instagram accounts: Integrate WhatsApp into your Facebook and Instagram accounts, thereby linking them together for easy and direct access.     


Asides from SEO, social media is also a good place to get quality traffic. After you’ve set up your WhatsApp business account, it is time to start thinking about ways to reach your audience. The first thing to think of is how you and your business can strike up conversations with people on WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp business has created an avenue to communicate with your audience as a business, you need to find a way to fit into their conversations.

You can either work on your brand persona to be appealing or create a virtual person that will act on behalf of your company.


WhatsApp has the potential to bring a whole lot of quality traffic. And a good percentage of that traffic would love to subscribe to your newsletter and become loyal readers only if they knew about your website. With these steps, you’ll be able to build a WhatsApp audience you can trust to be loyal to your brand, visit your website, and share your content.

1. Create a group for your audience

You can create multiple groups and categorize them as this can help you build a community. Know your brand’s niche or categories to get an idea of how to group your audience. Send out an open invitation to your website visitors, newsletter subscribers, and social media followers, with a call to action directing them to join your WhatsApp groups according to their interests. Once you have a sizable audience, start sharing content frequently from your website or blog for the group members to check out and engage. This will ultimately increase your website traffic as members get redirected from the WhatsApp group to the different pages on your site.

2. Add the WhatsApp share button to your website or blog

Adding this button will enable your readers to share posts from your web pages with their friends and family on WhatsApp. Also, they could share with groups just like we do on Opera news app. This would automatically direct new visitors to your website, thereby increasing your overall traffic. To achieve this, you could make use of solutions like ShareThis; they offer an intuitive WhatsApp share button that allows your web visitors to share any of the content on your page.

3. Get feedback about your content from your WhatsApp audience

It is important to get some root information about your audience. so you can understand what thrills them, and what they like and don’t like about your content. Make use of a survey to find out if your audience sees your content as valuable. Multiple-choice questions would yield well-structured results. For example, Financial Times used a similar strategy to drive traffic through WhatsApp. When the number of WhatsApp users following them plummeted, the publisher put the account on hold for a few months and surveyed its WhatsApp audience. A quarter of the respondents said they wanted more content on financial markets. Readers also wanted more tech-related stories. The insight allowed them to fine-tune their WhatsApp content strategy to include more market-related stories. Their WhatsApp posts drive a comparable amount of traffic as that on their main Twitter account, which has millions of followers.

4. Maximize your WhatsApp status

It is good news that WhatsApp allows links to be clickable on status. Displaying things related to your blog post while including a short URL is a good way of redirecting people on your contact list to your blog. You could write catchy copies or design attractive banners for the sake of getting people’s attention and getting them to click on your post’s URL. Doing this would increase your post engagement and your web visits, thereby increasing traffic to your website.

5. Create and maximize your broadcast lists

You can create lists of contacts you want to send messages to at once, grouping them according to categories. The catchy copies and attractive banners you create for your status could also be sent to your broadcast lists. An advantage broadcast list has is that each person would receive the message in their dm just like you sent a private message. So, it’s good practice to always compose your broadcast messages in a more personal and direct tone. Sharing your blog updates this way would serve as an update and a reminder to your audience. This would make them aware of new posts dropped on your website.

6. Join groups that you share a common goal with

Besides creating your own group, you can also join other related groups and share your blog updates. However, only do this if the admins permit you and if members of the groups are cool with it. By doing this, you are promoting your brand to people that are not already familiar with your brand or blog. This helps you to increase your audience base.

7. Write an article about WhatsApp and post it on your blog

One of the ways to draw the attention of WhatsApp users is to write an article about the app they love and use so much. Curiosity is something we are all guilty of. When users see a post about WhatsApp, there is a high chance of them being tempted enough to click on it and read about it. This is basic psychology and it applies to all platforms. Sharing this type of article on WhatsApp would interest WhatsApp users to know what the post is saying about it.


WhatsApp is a powerful tool for driving traffic. It has become widely adopted due to its simplicity and direct reach. You can use it for your business in various ways, and not just for personal communication. Therefore, it is very effective, costs nothing to set up and use, and you can get started in no time. There is a newly published guide for dental practice owners that would be of help to your business if you are a dentist. It is titled “WhatsApp Business For Dentists” and you can find it here.

To know how to use WhatsApp for marketing, read the COMPLETE WHATSAPP MARKETING GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS. And if you want to understand the power of WhatsApp, read USING WHATSAPP AS A SUCCESSFUL MARKETING TOOL. But if you are interested in taking an advanced course on WhatsApp marketing, drop a comment.


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