Building Authority and Positioning for Business Growth

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Have you pondered why the majority of popular people find it easy to sell anything? It is known as authority. In the context of sales, authority essentially refers to having the expertise and experience necessary to confidently assist others.


To establish authority around what you offer, you must regularly provide informative and quality material about it (be it a product or service). Authority establishes trust between you and your readers, clients, or prospects, while trust builds sales as a result of consumer preference for trusted vendors. You already know what sales build, no cap. Another way to build authority is to make it a practice to share one or two helpful recommendations that have increased the success of your business. You never know whose issues you are helping to solve. Besides, building your own identity, class, niche, position, or brand that others can relate to is another way to establish authority.


You establish authority as a newbie by offering tremendous value where value equals benefit minus cost. When you first start out online, you should be more people-oriented and concentrate on providing value to them. Marketing that is relationship and value-based is crucial. In other words, it is not about you trying to sell; it is rather about you trying to help people. By frequently disseminating valuable material, you provide them with something of worth. However, you must regularly post helpful and worthwhile material about the product you are selling for free if you want to gain authority in that area. Marketing your content on social media helps you establish authority, and there are several types of content, including images, audio, text, and video to clarify.


Value Post

Any article that readers read and feel like they have learned something from is a value post. Consuming valuable content is how you obtain valuable ideas. To be able to provide value, you must first receive value. Just like the adage says “what you don’t have, you can’t give”. Meanwhile, you are doing this to enhance engagement because it makes you seem more trustworthy and likable. And moreover, people tend to express their opinions and express gratitude when they feel valued.

Engagement Post

They encourage readers to interact with your material. That is to say, the readers gravitate toward you when you write posts that inspire them to express their ideas. Also, you can leave comments expressing your viewpoint on other people’s engagement posts. People look in the comment section to gain knowledge whenever an engagement post is up.

Personal Post

These posts give your brand a human touch. It includes a photo or video of you and a charming caption. It is the capacity to make yourself known.

Motivational Post

Posts with motivational messages make the readers feel inspired. Put all of your heart and mind into it. You should naturally do it and not be over-calculative when constructing it.

Transformational Post

These are the types of posts that change people’s perspectives. They are predicated on your life experience.

Quote Post or Quote Card

These types of posts are also useful. You can express your ideas by using quote cards. You can tweet anything, screenshot it, and then share it on other sites as a quote card.

It is good practice for your posts to be clearly spaced apart and easy to read. A custom post series is an additional option. Learn to schedule your posts and create a coherent structure for the different kinds of posts you make. You would establish authority more quickly if your content has a higher value. After you have enough traction, you can start selling. Traction is the level of attention amassed from people over time. In the end, it is traction you will leverage to acquire sales since you have already presold yourself.

Introduction Post

The introduction post unites your past and present selves, fusing all of your personalities into one. If you run numerous enterprises for any reason, or if people already know you for something else and you want them to recognize you for a brand-new venture you’ve just launched, you can link the personalities together using the introduction post. It gives individuals an avenue to connect with you. In essence, you are updating your audience about yourself.

Lead-generation Post

Once you have made some progress building authority, it is time to post the lead generation posts. You can use these postings to attract new customers for any product or service you are advertising. They should visit your dm or email after reading this content. It is good practice to direct your leads to your WhatsApp dm or email. Once they are in your dm, send a message to them to encourage them to save your contact so they can get the crucial updates you can only share via your status updates. Spending money on boosting your posts is another strategy to get traction quickly. It is good to spend to get better results. Something purchased usually has a higher value than anything obtained for free. Above all, greater authority results from increased visibility.


Positioning is everything you do online that influences people’s opinions of you. People will start listening to you whenever they see you online if you have good positioning.
Positioning is important to establish authority, which is why people should listen to you. It builds credibility and trust and diminishes resistance to your offerings. There is a surface-level positioning, and it is the culmination of all your actions or public displays that leads others to infer that you are a person of authority. This is the most crucial aspect of positioning. And it is how you present yourself as a valuable person online by carefully curating your presence with graphics and copywriting.


Your social media profile is the best place to establish authority because it best represents who you are. Building your authority positions you for organic traffic. This is traffic that you do not pay for, it is totally uncharged! It’s fantastic, isn’t it? It is a proven fact that how you treat your business determines how it pays you back. On the other hand, your social media profile positions you in a way that you want the whole world to see you. It is known as perception. Keep in mind that they don’t know you from Adam. They will perceive you as whatever you demonstrate yourself to be. As a result, your profile needs to be organized, appealing, inviting, well-detailed, and motivating. You take on the persona you want others to see.

People won’t connect with you if your timeline is jumbled up like a marketplace where anyone can sell anything. Social media is the modern resume. So, protect your profile just like your ATM card pin. Nowadays, most people just ask you for your social media handles instead of your business cards. In this generation, people are able to obtain contracts, close commercial transactions, and establish solid contacts via the internet. The World has evolved, and things are no longer the way they used to be. Therefore, how you are positioned in the digital world is crucial.


Step 1

Cleaning up your profile on social media sites where you are active should be the first thing to do. Change your profile image to a neat and polished one that reflects your professionalism. Revisit your biography to represent who you are, what you do, and the principles you uphold. Remove all previous images and content that do not reflect who you currently are. It is time to update your profile name if you use unprofessional names.

Step 2

Configure your timeline to restrict others from posting on your timeline or tagging you unnecessarily. You are taking this action because you need to manage the data that enters your timeframe. Always keep in mind that your timeline reflects your personality.

Step 3

Modify your Facebook friend request settings so that only people you know can send you requests. Also, enable the function that enables others to follow you and view your content. The “add friend” button would be removed as a result of this feature and replaced with the “follow” button. Do the same for LinkedIn and if need be for you to make your Instagram account private, go ahead. This helps you sort out who should be your friends because anyone who wants to join your circle of friends must message you privately to do so. On all of your social media accounts, unfollow any unneeded profiles you may have followed. Keep in mind that you are an authority figure.

Step 4

Consistently publish valuable and high-quality content to your page, blog, or timeline because the things that would retain visitors on your page are your bio and the valuable content on your page. Therefore, treat your profile like a business since it makes an initial impression on people’s minds. You don’t have to be on your device to post every day, you may develop content, and plan and schedule your posts for weeks or months. Now, it is time to bring some traffic to your profile after putting up your personality so that people can see the new sheriff in town 💪. They would follow you because of the value you provide if they want more of it.

In conclusion, after you’ve had a respectable following, you may begin promoting your sales copy to them directly on your social media pages, sending them to your WhatsApp first, or doing both. On the other hand, working on your mindset is paramount. To learn what you need to know about mindset, read how to Transform Your Mindset for Success Growth.


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